Mona M Longs | 12/27/2011

All Smiles for you!! Never stop getting what is designed for you! Focus on your Strength and be mindful of your weaknesses that makes you stronger. Surround yourself with positive people. Always remember to love yourself, and keep our Lord first! Love you!!

Re: Awesome

Descendent | 12/29/2011

Thank you so much cuz!! I will make sure I do my best and follow all those important things while on this journey! I thank you for your support and love you too!!

Proud of you.....

Nita B | 09/24/2011

Proud of u, having the strive & Passion to reach your goals...... But remember to try your best to keep a balanced life, (God, Family & real true friends)it'll make u a better person...... Love ya Son......

Re: Proud of you.....

Descendent | 10/29/2011

Thanks ma! I will make sure I keep my head while the doors open up for me because I know I can lose it quick and be lost forever and Lord knows I dont want to do that!!! Love you too!!


Eric Paige | 06/30/2011

I'm mad proud of you man, seen you come so far this is just another key component to keep striving to greatness.

Re: Grand

Descendent | 06/30/2011

My man EJ!I am hype you feeling it because you know that you are my "no man" you always kept it real with me! I am pushing toward the top with this man!


Josh Cleveland | 06/29/2011

Congrats my brother!! Keep doing your thing!! I'm proud of you and looking forward to seeing you at the TOP!

Re: Congrats!!

Descendent | 06/30/2011

Thanks bro! Im glad you like the website its been a long road but I am far from done but continue to support and I will not let you down!!


Sheria | 06/21/2011

I'm proud of you! :) Keep up the hard will def. pay off.

Re: Congrats!

Descendent | 06/21/2011

Thank you Sheria!!! I am so grateful for all your work that you have done for me!!!

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